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Citizen's Drug Academy

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Class #07
October 5, 2011
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Wednseday Evenings
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Centerville Church of Chirst Communtiy Outreach Building
Centerville, TN

Class #07 Graduation
Date: December 7, 2011

For more information, contact
Centerville Church of Chirst
Citizen's Drug Academy Coordinator
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21st Drug Task Force
P.O. Box 1473
Franklin, TN  37065-1473

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Narcotic Awareness & Resident CCounterdrug Training

Comments from participants of the Drug Academy

NARC Class 2 Comments

Right at the end of the school year, one of the coaches and I were patrolling the campus in the school's "Gater" during Spring Day. We flushed up three young men who were obviously skipping the activities. When we shooed them back to the front office, I smelled marijuana....I got out of the "Gater" and took two steps towards where they were hiding and found a bag of pot!!!! We have since gone to court; they pled guilty, etc. Boy did my N.A.R.C. Academy savvy pay off!!! Nancy Kemp, Teacher (NARC Class 2)


I sent this to all my social workers, several school nurses and my homebound teachers. I hope you hear from
 some of them. I thought the class was so well prepared and delivered. We were always kept interested as
 well as really seeing what’s going on in the real world. We probably all live a pretty secluded life and had
no idea of what goes on in the dark. As I wrote, my daughter had just entered drug court so all the info you
shared helped me understand a little better what she had been living, but in a less emotional way.
Drug court is amazing-I truly believe it saved her life and gave her back to us. The other thing that you all did
was to bring in the actual people who do the jobs that they tell us about, that gives the presentation so much punch!

Your program is great, thank you for doing it and offering it to the citizens of Williamson County and doing so professionally!!! I tell everyone how awesome it was and is. NARC Class 2 Graduate 

Some of you may remember that I graduated from the 21st Judicial District Drug Task Force Citizens Academy a few years ago.  It was a wonderful, enlightening experience.

Joey and Bailey, directors of the DTF, were on-site at the recent puppymill raid in Hickman County (one of 4 counties in the 21st JD - also includes Williamson, Lewis and Perry).  It was suspected that illegal drugs would be present.  (They weren't.)  The job of the DTF officers is to keep our communities safe from illegal drugs and illegal use of legal drugs!  That means running interdiction on our interstates, esp. I 40, which is a major West to East route for drug trades, locating and raiding meth labs, keeping our schools and children safe from drugs, including education, validating and auditing dispensing of Scheduled drugs at local pharmacies and other locations where drugs are dispensed, identifying and helping offenders who can be rehabbed by appearances at the Drug Court, etc.  I could go on and on, but believe me, it is well worth your Tuesday nights for 9 weeks!  It is an eye-opening experience and you will never be bored!

Do you know what your kids are doing when they say they are going to a "farm party"?  Well, it's really spelled "Pharm Party", and it's when the kids raid mom and dad's medicine cabinet and take samples of lots of drugs to a party, dump them all in one big bowl, and then share with everyone!!!  Your child may be taking your Zocor, your Paxil, or your birth control or BP pills, maybe even Viagara!  The challenge and "fun" of this party is never knowing what you are taking when you reach your hand into the big bowl!  Don't you want to know if your children are going to parties like this???  Doesn't this worry you???  It's happening - and in our own communities.

If you live and/or work in the 21st Judicial District, have children, are a schoolteacher or otherwise work with children, or just a concerned citizen who wants to keep our communities safe and healthy, you owe it to yourself and your community to enroll in this class!  NARC Class 2  Emilie M Bottiggi

NARC Class 3 Comments

At the conclusion of your academy experience, you will have a new perspective of the drug problem that is present in our society and the efforts of the Drug Task Force to enforce the laws against the distribution of drugs. 

As a youth leader, I’m always looking for ways to learn more about what kids have to deal with this day and time.  Drugs are a big part of their world whether they do them or not.  This has definitely opened my eyes even more so.  I feel I’m better educated in the drugs of this day in terms of lingo, popularity, sign of abuse, addiction and the areas where drugs come from.  I highly recommend this class to anyone especially leaders in the church. 

The class has made me aware of the scale of the problem at hand.  I am now going to watch for the signs of use by people around me to prevent a long term problem.  I can now understand the terrible impact drug use has on our children. 

I was so unaware of what the different drugs are and how they affect people and their actions.  You have given me so much information. 

I wish I would have taken this academy when my boys were in middle school.  You did a wonderful job of teaching us about all the different drugs and how they affect different people.  Thank you so much. 

The class opened my eyes to today’s issues at hand regarding street drugs as well as prescription drug issues among just regular people. 

Everyone should take this academy to be aware and knowledgeable about this subculture. 

If a citizen REALLY wants to know about the affect of drugs on this Nation, this is the academy to go to!!  I loved it!!! 

Thanks for a great class and a real lesson on life. 

I was totally unaware of the drug problem, but my eyes are open and my ears attuned to the problem.  Thanks for the opportunity. 

Every parent with teenagers should take this class.  It is a total eye opener!  Very informative 

I highly recommend this academy – a #1 choice

NARC Class 4 Comments

There are no words to describe how valuable these last 11 weeks have been in not only meeting each  member of the DTF, but, also, in acquiring an understanding of the level of fine tuning the DTF implements in reducing the drug element. It has been inspirational to gain insight as to how awesome the DTF is in not only mental and physical strength, but how each member reaches a level of passion and devotion to one's calling that is beyond comparison. I respect that not only did I have the honor of attending the DTF class, but further privileged from being in the presence of the very brave that are making a difference in arresting drug criminals one rung at a time.  Narc Class 4  Susan Burke


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This academy is NOT a Police Academy to become a certified police officer.
This is a drug awareness class for concerned citizens.